Who are we?

Alliance for Election Campaign Finance Monitoring (ACFIM) is a loose coalition of civil society activists advocating for increased transparency in the practice of financing political parties and election campaigns in Uganda. It was formed to address corruption in campaign financing by scrutinizing among others the extent to which money influences election campaigns and outcomes. ACFIM is co-hosted by Transparency International Uganda and Anti Corruption Coalition of Uganda.

Our Vision

A transparent and Accountable Political Financing Process

ACFIM Mission

To contribute to an environment in which corruption is less prevalent in election campaign financing by monitoring, exposing flaws and advocating for well-targeted legal and institutional reforms.

Statement of Intent

We intend to monitor campaign financing starting with primary elections of political parties through the campaigning period of 2016 general elections. Our focus for the 2016 general elections is as follows:

Project Goal

Reduced corruption in the electoral system and increased transparency in election campaign financing

Our Intervention Logic

If the legal and institutional framework for campaign and political party financing is strengthened to guarantee full disclosure of campaign income and expenditure, if citizens are empowered to monitor campaign financing, highlight flaws in the regulatory process, identify gaps in implementation, and propose workable remedies, then corruption will be less prevalent in election campaigns and democracy will be nurtured and preserved.

Our Objectives

1. Advocate for reforms to strengthen the legal and institutional framework for campaign financing in Uganda.

2. Raise public awareness about the forms of corruption in campaign financing

3. Monitor, document and expose evidence of corruption in campaigns

4. Build capacity of citizens and civil society organisations to monitor and expose corruption in election campaign financing.

Current membership

Membership is open to national and international activists that are passionate about eliminating corruption in election campaign financing. The current membership includes the following:

1. Transparency International Uganda

2. Anti Corruption Coalition Uganda

3. Citizens Platform for Democracy and Accountability

4. Native Travel Festival

5. The Apac Anti Corruption Coalition

6. Rwenzori Anti Corruption Coalition

7. Midwestern Uganda Anti Corruption Coalition

8. Kick Corruption out of Kigezi

9. Center for Governance and Electoral Democracy

10. Anti Corruption Coalition of Busoga

11. Northern Uganda Anti Corruption Coalition

12. Teso Anti Corruption Coalition

13. The Apac Anti Corruption Coalition

Contact Us

C/O Transparency International Uganda

Plot 3 Martyrs Lane Ntinda.

P.O. Box 24335 Kampala

Tel: 256-414-255836, 0773001434

Fax: 256-414-341546

Email: acfimuganda@gmail.com