Anti Corruption Week activities quickly taking shape

Preparations are in high gear for this year’s Anti-Corruption week, the 20th in succession since the celebrations in Uganda were started in 1999. Coincidentally, the same year that ACCU started. This year’s celebrations are being held jointly with the Government of Uganda, as has become the norm, Action Aid, Uganda Debt Network and Transparency International Uganda are taking the lead in organizing this year’s convention.

Other partners include CSBAG, AFIC, SEATINI, DGF, the regional RACs and International development partners.
Speaking at the second preparatory meeting held at Eureka Place Hotel in Ntinda recently, Richard Okuku, the Advocacy Officer at ACCU stated that this year’s celebrations would be like no other and for this to happen there was need for all those that had been assigned tasks to take them on with the keenness that was required.

“We need to come up with a clear roadmap and plan on how all the activities will be executed. There should be ways that can best sell the ideas we have been talking about, Cooperate Social Responsibility can also be done with no money, while testimonies, documentaries and art will be taken over by Transparency International Uganda,” he stated.

He also added that regular meetings would still be conducted depending on the availability of time and the deadlines in mind and Action Aid would coordinate the Anti-Corruption Week’s WhatsApp group and road map for social responsibility.

The participants in this meeting, which was the last to be coordinated by ACCU committed to take on the mantle of inviting representatives from the international community who would include Foreign Dignitaries such as those from the US Embassy, the Irish Embassy and the European Union, among others so as to learn from them.

It was also agreed that different leaders would be identified at the sub national level. This would be done by apportioning the total number of participants to be equally representative from the lowest level of governance to the highest, it will also include other leaders such as religious and cultural.

To ease collaboration, a draft programme of the Anti-Corruption Convention was added to the Google docs platform in which a number of RACs made commitments. Transparency International Uganda, Action Aid International Uganda and Development Initiative International also committed to identify key international figures to take part in the convention.

It was also agreed at the same meeting that at least one religious leader from the regional RAC districts would be invited, RACs would also be given space to take part in all the sessions in which they would be accorded the opportunity to give the discussions a regional view point.

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