Key take aways 2020 Anti Corruption Convention

The 2020 Anti Corruption Convention was successfully held at the Royal Suites Hotel in Bugolobi on December 1 & 2. The bazaar-like convention had a number of seminars and talks delivered around the topics of election and campaign financing, public procurement, the fight against corruption and the gains made by the State House Anti Corruption Unit.

The Convention also had a number of positions arrived at in the fight against corruption.
Other issues that were articulated at the Convention, held under the theme; Promoting Social Accountability Through Active Citizenry included: a need for an increased citizen awareness of their rights, roles, responsibilities and returns, increased publicity of accountability issues among citizens and key actors, empowered citizens with resolve to resist voter bribery, increased access to information to promote demand for services and accountability and strengthened partnerships and synergies for combatting corruption.

To crown this year’s Anti Corruption Week’ activities, a few individuals of repute will be awarded the Integrity Award. This award, that comes from an esteemed panel shall be used to strengthen the position that not all is doom and gloom in Uganda.

The Anti Corruption Day, December 9, is a creation of the United Nations General Assembly under resolution 58/4 of October 31, 2003. A number of countries including Uganda ratified this day and every year, Civil Society actors and the Government jointly hold celebrations in which an assessment of the progress is taken and areas of improvement pointed out.

We call upon the Government to publish all received donations, grants and loans and show how they have been used. This information can be published in newspapers or government online platforms, to push for transparency and accountability in the electioneering process and to consider and election financing law as the first business of the First Session of the Eleventh Parliament in 2021.

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