DONOR: Twaweza

 Project: Water governance

Ultimate vision for the project: Strengthening citizen’s capacity and voice to demand for transparency and accountability in water service delivery.

Project Objectives:

  1. To generate user friendly information for community water governance in four districts (Oyam, Kole, Amuria and Kumi).
  2. To enhance citizens awareness on their rights to access clean water

Expected project results:

  1. Increased public awareness on access to safe and clean water.
  2. Increased community ownership and monitoring of water sources.
  3. Active and functional water user committees
  4. Duty bearers delivering efficient, effective and timely water services in four selected districts of Oyam,Kole, Amuria and  Kumi


Expected development impact:

  • Improved water service delivery, accessibility to clean and safe water by citizens in addition to sustainability of water sources.

Core project activities:

  • Conducting continuous assessment to determine the location of all the water facilities, their functionality, the communities’ level of awareness and the budget allocation for the sector at district level.
  • Disseminate the information to the community using different channels and in different languages.
  • Carry out media campaigns on both print and radio for purposes of disseminating the relevant information the masses.
  • Holding public dialogue meetings
  • Conducting radio talk shows on local radio’s
  • Pulpit advocacy at places of worship/churches
  • Developing IEC materials that will be translated in the different languages and shared in the community
  • Publicizing information on issues of water governance through:-

–    Community monitoring of water sources

Project duration: 6 Months (July- December 2014)