Stop selective application of the law as we celebrate Uganda @ 50

Not so long ago, Ministry of Public Service Permanent Secretary Jimmy Lwamafa resigned and handed over office after being asked to vacate. The circumstances that led to his resignation are clear.
However, it is baffling as to why the Permanent Secretary under the Office of the Prime Minister is still in office when one of his juniors has been cited in misappropriating billions of taxpayer’s money.

Being the accounting officer, Mr Pius Bigirimana should be held liable as well instead of having the matter silenced or dying out quietly. He should equally be asked to vacate office while investigations continue.

Justice should be seen to be done to all those that abuse public office. No wonder sections of the public are alleging that Bigirimana is being protected by the powers that be. It might not be the case, but how does one explain this selective and discriminatory behavior of our leaders.

The public is losing trust in the justice system of the country because of such instances. This also explains why a number of people fail to report corruption cases as revealed by the recent report by Transparency International Bribery Index for East Africa. Public trust for the implementing agencies is gradually plummeting.

Our members of Parliament have done us a disservice as well because they have equally failed to follow through on their mandate in regard to the OPM issue. A lot of noise was made in the beginning when the issue was brought out in the media. However, the noise has gradually died out and one is left wondering as to what exactly happened to the once vibrant Parliament.

Selective application of laws on individuals is unconstitutional and defeats the rule of natural justice. The implementing agencies concerned should ensure that Uganda is liberated from this kind of discrimination if we are to see real progress in the graft fight.

As we celebrate Uganda @ 50, our leaders should make a commitment to liberate us from unconstitutional acts. I do not know whether it is possible for them to make such a commitment, but I believe in laying a bait for them, just in case they take it and surprise us. For God and our dear Country!

Cissy Kagaba, Executive Director
Anti Corruption Coalition Uganda

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