Ultimate Vision of CAP.


idespread adoption and effective use by citizens and leaders, demonstrated by increased citizen demand for transparency, monitoring and observable improvement in identification and redress of corrupt or negligent practices, initially within public health services.


 Project Objectives

• Deliver an open-source, integrated ICT platform designed to monitor, report and redress issues with fulfillment of public duties
• Demonstrate improved health service delivery, transparency, reliability and public responsiveness in Apac district
• Improve citizens’ health through greater access to required government services
• Achieve clearer understanding of where breakdowns exist in health service delivery
• Strengthen existing reporting tools by providing visual information, data and feedback mechanisms to the public, media and government.


Expected Project Results

• Medicines and clinical care provided corruption-free and at appropriate level of quality and accessibility

• Fewer bribes solicited/ paid

• Reduced absenteeism among doctors and nurses

• Clinics open during mandated hours of operation

• Improved transparency and communication between service providers and citizens


Expected Development Impacts

•Empower citizens with a multi-channel platform from which to actively participate in improving their societies

•Improve rural health service delivery and health outcomes

•Catalyze growth and intensity of citizen engagement to demand public accountability

•Improve government responsiveness to citizen concerns and CSO capacity to constructively resolve issues with authorities


Core Project Activities

•Collection of grievances – reports submitted through SMS send to 6363, voice messages, website forms (, face book

•Aggregation, verification and analysis of grievances –are they justified and do they relate to the health sector?

•Resolution of grievances – determine which duty bearers (local or national) to address what grievances. Follow up is made and feed back will be provided through TAACC

•Response to citizens – use ICT record resolved issues and PAFs (held at central HCs in the sub county for fair representation) will be used both to solicit and provide feedback from citizens)

• Visualize and map outcomes – maps provided will be effective ways of communication- data entered manually in the ICT platform will be automatically mapped by the system – verified grievances and response data – how long it took to resolve, who resolved it etc)


Project Duration

 9 Months.