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Strengthening Civil Society and Citizen Engagement in Accountability Project


Funded By:

Royal Danish Embassy (RDE)


March 2023 - December 2023

Project Cost:


Strengthened civil society and citizen engagement with government on implementation of anticorruption laws, policies and accountability recommendations


Project Description

ACCU with support from the Royal Danish Embassy (RDE) is implementing the Strengthening Civil Society and Citizen Engagement in Accountability Project. The objective for the project is to contribute to improved transparency and accountability in Uganda.

The SCEAP project is being implemented in three regions and 9 districts; Luuka, Iganga and Mayuge for Busoga region; Terego, Yumbe, and Madi-Okollo for West Nile region and Masindi, Buliisa and Kikuube for Mid-Western Region. It focuses on tackling corruption in critical service delivery sectors like health, education, justice, infrastructure, environment and agriculture, which directly affect ordinary Ugandans. Furthermore, the Project supplements efforts by government accountability institutions in the fight against corruption.

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