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  • Bravo on securing Covid-19 vaccines, but…

    On March 2, 2021, the Minister of Health shared a statement with the media and the general public announcing a number of activities around the mass immunization of Ugandans and foreigners aged 18 years and above against the deadly Covid-19 disease. We applaud the Government of Uganda upon this achievement

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  • Community monitors change face of service delivery in Karamoja

    The advent of the community-based monitoring model into Karamoja has ushered in much-desired changes, accountability and transparency in the way local governments deliver services in the Karamoja sub-region. A number of schools have been built, boreholes drilled, cattle slaughter sheds constructed and roads maintained. This was never the case. The

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  • Act decisively against errant accounting officers

    The recently released Auditor General’s Report to Parliament for the Financial Year 2019/20 indicated that the majority of the in-kind donations given towards the fight against Covid-19 in Uganda were treated as a private donation and were not declared by those tasked with the collection and disbursement of these donations.

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